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Bodyline Therapies is a professional service offering Integrated Massage treatment. You will feel that you current state of health is looked after in accordance with the appropriate treatment plan, instead of as standard precedent service. By using all or more than one (1) modality in a massage treatment this results in you not having to choose and abide by a specific service rather you maximum your value by receiving up to six (6) different techniques during the one session.

When you receive a quality treatment from us you will experience a wholistic unwinding sensation of your body. We specialise in postural correction of the spine strictly through the application of muscular treatment and restoring balance. You will also be educated on safe and proper stretching techniques to assist in prevention of pain and or discomfort.

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We are also Workcover Approved RMT 5970 to treat all workers compensation injuries.

With over 14 years of experience and treating over 1000 patients, we guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 minutes of your massage, you’re free to leave then and there and not pay a cent!


The Practitioner administers a wholistic healing treatment using either gentle or strong pressure, deep or shallow pressure. Muscles and tendons...


Sports massage is suitable for all people. This type of massage is usually focused on a specific problem. eg a tender knee from running. The aim...

Deep Tissue

This technique aims at releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body. Deep Tissue Massage provides a remedy in loosening muscle...


At Bodyline Therapies we are Workcover approved health care providers who assist injured workers under the direction of the nominated treating...


We Take Pride in our Service

I have been attending Con at bodyline therapies for several years, after trying many other massage therapists i have finally found the right one. Because my job is physically demanding, and i have a condition that involves excessive calcium deposits in my ligaments, i have recurrent problems with muscle spasm, poor posture, poor mobility and pain. Read More Con is one of the few therapists who asks me each visit where is the main problem at the moment, and then works to alleviate that problem. But in doing so, he works out where the problem is coming from, which could be referral from another part of the muscular system, and treats that as well. This is quite a rare talent.
He also gives me exercises to be done at home, which are very useful. He understands my work schedule and tries to fit in with the times that I have. In short he provides an essential therapy that has allowed me to maintain my mobility and function despite my difficulties. I strongly recommend his treatment.

Professor Kate Moore

Con has that “sixth sense”-that almost X-ray like vision that few Masseurs are truly gifted with. He’s not overly technical, but he knows the body inside out and has a highly tuned capacity to identify asymmetry’s in the body, and how to work them out. I saw him regularly leading up to Read More my bodybuilding competition to help with some hip and shoulder issues I was having . It was throwing my lat poses right off-after treatment, there was a significant improvement in the symmetry –both in my contractions/sensations and visually, not to mention a large reduction in pain and a marked improvement in freedom! AND!-fun fact-I turned pro at those shows! If only I could see him everyday! Thanks Con! Your the man!

Jordan-Boddam Whetham ICN Pro Bodybuilder

Con is one of the best Massage Therapists I have ever worked with. Being a Professional Figure Competitor (Bodybuilder) my body relies heavily on weekly treatments to allow me to hold up and get through all of the gruelling training sessions we put ourselves through week to week. Read MoreI am currently working on some postural imbalances that Con is really helping to improve, and have already seen a significant difference in the way I Pose and my posture in the 6 or so sessions I have seen him. I now have a permanent weekly appointment that I never miss leading into my next Competition and feel confident that I will be so much better aligned on Stage in 7 weeks time. Thanks Con for the Amazing job you are going with my body!

Katie Morris IFBB Figure Pro Posing Coach

I’ve known Con for a few years now and see him at least once a week. Trust me, when I say I have bounced around massage therapists I mean it and I absolutely refuse to go anywhere else now. Con was a complete revelation as to how a therapeutic massage should really be, he has singled-handedly Read More helped give me some flexibility back and control my pain after years of working as a surgeon and with chronic back injuries. Con’s knowledge of anatomy, common injury presentations and his intuitive ability to just KNOW where to work on is a testament to his skill. He clearly has a gift for healing and we have become good friends in the process. Thanks mate for everything and I’ll see you next week! PS I strongly suggest booking up a months worth of massages in a row as Con gets crazily busy!

Dr Jake SloaneDoctor

I’ve been an active gym goer for the past 30yrs.  I’ve been weight training seriously for most of that, initially competitive powerlifting at a State and National level, but for the last 20 years competitive bodybuilding both nationally and internationally, training 5-6 days per week. Read More My training regime and methods have evolved over the years to accommodate priorities, age and injury. A couple of years ago I suffered an acute nerve impingement from a bulging disc in L4/L5. The pain was unbearable and I was unable to function, let alone train.
I sought a range of treatments to rectify the issue, but at best I was only able to provide temporary relief.I was referred to Con at Bodyline Therapies and not only did he manage to provide relief within a single treatment, with a couple of sessions we had rectified the issue with a management and rehabilitation plan.  Whilst undergoing treatments for the nerve impingement, Con identified other imbalances and adhesions, so we put in place a weekly maintenance schedule to keep the body balanced and pain free.  I have been seeing him regularly for the past 2 years and I’ve never felt better.I am able to train relatively pain free at the high intensity required to still make improvements and progress and still compete at an international level at nearly 46 years of age after 30 years of training.  I highly recommend his ability, skills, knowledge and services.  The weekly treatments these days a big part of my training arsenal.

Justin WesselsIFBB Pro Bodybuilder, 2 x Mr World & 2017 Mr Universe.Aviation Firefighter

I cannot recommend Con at Bodyline Therapies enough! I won my professional card in Bodybuilding in 2014 and have been unable to train properly, let alone compete since due to severe arthritis. I see Con 2x per week without fail, and as a result am able to train hard again with excellent ROM! Read More I’ve avoided a SHOULDER REPLACEMENT SURGERY!!! Con not only provides me with much needed pain relief but also structurally re-aligns areas of my body which effect my symmetry and muscle balance. So far so good, the way things are going I’m confident I will compete again!

Amy Fox1st IFBB Physique Pro, Posing &Prep Coach, Lecturer & PT Mentor

I suffered spinal injuries in a motor vehicle accident, 4 years ago, and for the last 2 years my treatment has been medication, for pain relief. I came across Bodyline Therapies by pure chance and am grateful for that as after only a few treatments my quality of life improved dramatically.

Mark van de Pol

As a regular customer of Bodyline Therapies, I gladly write this letter of recommendation. Con has been the sole rehabilitator that has provided exceptional pain relief and rehabilitation to a shoulder injury sustained many years ago. Since this treatment I have become a regular patient Read More visiting Con 3 – 4 times monthly, for what is known amongst friends and work colleagues as the deep tissue massage around. I highly recommend Bodyline Therapies for injury rehabilitation and for an amazing massage treatment.

Jim Bokolis

My name is George Coudounellis and I suffer from severe lower back pain due to many years of power lifting and bodybuilding. As an adult I felt that I was losing mobility, strength and was becoming very limited in what I could do at the gym. During a 5 year period I had gone Read More through lots of physical therapy, so I thought that I would give it another try. As the time went on seeing my physiotherapist I was noticing that the “stretching” and exercises he was doing with me wasn’t helping. I had gone to an appointment where I was then told it would be my last as the physiotherapist felt there was nothing else he could help me with. I was devastated as I didn’t know what to do next to help with my lower back. A good friend recommended I try massage therapy and to contact Con at BodyLine Therapies and how she felt that Con would be able to help with the condition of my lower back with massage therapy. I called, made my appointment, and it was honestly the best decision I had ever made. Within a couple treatments I could already feel that my lower back was in a lot less pain and instantly increased my quality of life. I have been on this journey with Con for the 8 months now and I know it’s going to be a long road, however, I am so thankful that I decided to try a different way as it turned out to be an amazing experience.

George CoudounellisPersonal Trainer & Nutritionist

I have had the pleasure of seeing Con for the past 3 years or so on both a regular and also when-needed basis. Con is a very professional practitioner, he takes the time to discuss and explore what actual injuries or ailments you are experiencing and is extremely focussed in ensuring that either Read More the issues are resolved or minimised prior to the end of the session. His work-attitude and attention to detail ensures you receive the very best of results possible. He has the knack of immediately identifying and detecting the issue and his methods in ‘ironing out the kinks’ are extremely rewarding. It’s no surprise that, in recommending him to me, my friend had stored Con’s contact details on his phone as ‘Con Magichands’! I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs any specific muscular pains worked on or just for general aches and pains.

Glen ArchibaldOperations and Asset Manager
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