At Bodyline Therapies we are Workcover approved health care providers who assist injured workers under the direction of the nominated treating doctor. We are expected to treat injured workers with a focus on achieving a safe and durable return to work.

A remedial massage treatment plan must be used when more than five treatment sessions are required. This applies to all services provided by remedial massage therapists for injured workers pursuant to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. The purpose of such treatment plan is to provide the insurer with specific information in respect to the injured workers condition and an outcome measure demonstrating the effectiveness of the treatment administered by the practitioner. For instance the injured worker is able to stand for an additional 10 mins.

Collectively, the treatment plan also provides an explanation to the insurer of expected outcomes that may be achieved in demonstrated physical findings, functional activity measures and return to work goals. Similarly, the injured worker and the nominated treating doctor must agree to the proposed plan.

If you are an injured worker and are in receipt of worker compensation benefits and would like to have massage treatment, kindly consult your nominated treating doctor for their professional opinion and approval. Alternatively, you may be an injured worker who is part of the workers compensation system for many years and you may seek to have massage treatment in respect to maintenance of your condition or prevention of further deterioration of your condition. Then we suggest you also consult your nominated treating doctor and or your legal representative for advice.