This technique aims at releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body. Deep Tissue Massage provides a remedy in loosening muscle tissues, breaking up and eliminating scar tissue. During the course of the treatment, many toxins are released from muscles thereby promoting blood and oxygen to circulate properly. Deep Tissue Massage usually focuses on more specific areas and is utilized by the Practitioner in conjunction with other modalities of massage such as Remedial and Sports. Once the patients muscles become relaxed the therapist can then use his elbows and fingers in a very slow motion or sometime static to penetrate the deeper muscle layers. This is of the defining differences between deep tissue and regular massage.

Communication between the therapist and patient is vital in determining the correct amount of pressure applied. Although more pressure is applied to access the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia (connective tissue) the experience for the patient usually is of slight soreness during or following the treatment however abating completely within a day or two.